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Working in an organization with a name like Providence Ministries, I wanted to learn more about these two words. I looked up the definitions of both providence and ministry, and it all started to come together elegantly. According to Webster’s Dictionary, Providence is defined as the “protective care of God” and Ministry is defined as “service.”  So broken down, Providence Ministries is: protecting and serving others through the Love of God. What a beautiful thing! This outreach does so much more than feed those that are hungry and clothe those in need. They also provide housing to those recovering from addiction and helps restore a most basic human need … dignity. When you have a full belly, and something warm to wear, you carry yourself differently. When you talk with someone down-trodden, and make an emotional connection, it can uplift your spirit. 

So many people who seek services from our amazing organization are feeling hopeless, useless and like a failure. They know people “see” them, but not in a way they want to be seen. It is easy for us to try to explain away their issues, to think they brought this on themselves … it was their addiction … they were bad with money … it isn’t my problem they are irresponsible. My friends, can I encourage you to look at people who are hurting and in need with different eyes? To look past your own pre-conceived ideas and just see a person. A person for whatever reason has found themselves in need of “protection and service through the love of God.”

Do you have clothes that could to be donated? Do you have $5.00 that could buy some boxes of Mac and Cheese to donate instead of a fancy coffee for yourself?  Do you have children that could write out some notes of encouragement that could be handed out at meal service time?  The need is great. We are so fortunate when we really look at our own lives. Many of us have never had an empty supper table, our homes are always warm in the winter and cool in the summer. We have winter coats, rain boots and all the extras you can think of. When we think we have less, in comparison to others, we need to remember someone out there would give anything to have what we have.

If you are interested in helping protect those in need through service and love you aren’t just “seeing,” but investing, in people. There are so many ways to help!