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At the age of 14 Margaret McCleary saw the needs of the hungry and homeless, firsthand, while working in the kitchen at Mercy Hospital. Years later, after joining the Sisters of Providence, Sr. Margaret had the idea of a community kitchen that would serve a warm meal to anyone, no questions asked, and in 1980 Kate’s Kitchen was opened. What started with a simple idea has blossomed into Providence Ministries, one of the largest networks of social services in the Pioneer Valley.

As we celebrated Sr. Margaret’s 80th birthday, we thought of no better gift than to honor her living legacy by ensuring that the life-saving work she began almost 40 years ago, will continue well into the future. 

Please consider joining the Sr. Margaret Legacy Fund by making a planned gift to help us continue to meet the ever evolving needs of the community; be it helping our neighbors overcome the traumas of homelessness and addiction, providing access to food and clothing, or breaking the generational cycles of poverty through economic empowerment. 

For more information, please contact Jennie Adamczyk.  

Give Now


Simplify your charitable giving and become eligible for a tax-deduction when you make a contribution to establish or add to the fund.


Create a fund and provide a permanent source of income for Providence Ministries. You may qualify for a tax-deduction with the establishment of your fund.

Give Later


Add to the Legacy Fund, without affecting your assets during your lifetime, with a bequest of a specific amount or percentage of your estate, the residual value of your estate or a specific piece of property.


Add to the Legacy Fund by simply naming Providence Ministries as the beneficiary of your life insurance policy or retirement account. 

Give & Receive


Establish your annuity and receive a fixed income stream for life. You may qualify for a partial tax-deduction, and the remainder of the annuity at maturity will be added to the Legacy Fund.


Gift your highly appreciated assets, such as stock or real estate, and receive payments for life or a term of years. With your gift, you may become eligible for a partial tax-deduction. At maturity, the trust’s remainder will be added to the Legacy Fund.

For more information, please contact Jennie Adamczyk.