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Come be a part of our exciting and fulfilling volunteer program!  Providence Ministries, as a non-profit, relies heavily on its volunteers and for that reason we have many volunteer opportunities.

These opportunities can be small or larger in scale depending on if it is an individual or group project.  If you have the heart and desire to give back to those in need, we have the project!  Give us a call today at 413-533-5909 to see about the many ways you or your group can serve a population that is hurting and give help and hope.

Examples of past group projects include:

  • Painting of the second floor of Loreto House (college students with a 1 week timeframe)
  • Spring Clean-Up (High School Students cleaned the trash and raked out the grounds)
  • Moving Day (a group of volunteers helped us move furniture from a hotel donation into our house.)

Examples of past individual projects include:

  • Bible Study for residents
  • Computer Classes for residents
  • Serving Lunch at Kate’s Kitchen (suitable for groups as well)
  • Helping to package and distribute goods at Margaret’s Pantry (suitable for groups as well)
  • Journaling Class for residents
  • Administrative work in the office, help with filing, data entry and other office duties.

If you are interested in giving of yourself then we are interested in talking to you! Call us today or fill out our online volunteer forms for groups here or individuals.